Thursday, 13 October 2011

Less is More – Week 36 Take Two

Doh, how silly do I feel? Well the answer is very. If you saw my earlier post I said I was off to the hairdressers. When I got there I found out my appointment is actually next week, turns out I had an old appointment card in my purse. I felt like such a numpty. So to cheer myself I’ve had a another go at this weeks LIM challenge and this time I’ve used my hearts to make butterflies…


Hmmm, I like the butterflies, but think I should have left off the trails.

Bye for now.




  1. well i don't think you are silly... i rang my hairdresser today to see if i could change my appointment today - and she told me i was due tomorrow not today!!
    Another fab card - love how you made the butterflies with the hearts
    Lisa x

  2. Sweet little heart wings on the butterflies :)
    Jenny x

  3. I almost forgot it was hearts when I saw your card... you've used them very innovatively... super job!
    Thanks again
    "Less is More"

  4. Such a clever use of hearts
    They look FAB
    I went to have my nails done this week, got there just after 10, Im saying Oh sorry couple minutes late........I was hour EARLY! lol

    Thank you
    Mandi LIM

  5. Ahh this card is cute, I like the sparkly trails! x


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