Thursday, 16 August 2012

Creating but not Crafting


Well at last I’m back and I’ve missed you all.

I can now share the reason for my absence from Blogland, although you can probably all guess from the picture above…… I’m pregnant and Elliot is going to be getting a baby brother or sister in January 2013. To say I’m excited is an understatement :-)

There has been a downside though and that is I suffered again in this pregnancy (as I did with my first) from Hyperemesis Graviderm (Severe Morning Sickness) which has been hell. It’s like having food poisoning 24 hours a day for three months solid :-( So crafting and pretty much life in general has been on hold, but I’m starting to feel quite a lot better and have had a little play with my stash this past week. So I should have some things to share with you soon.

While I am here a little reminder that Sarah Hurley’s Instagram/Documented365 giveaway ends at midnight Friday. You need to comment on the first introduction post on the Documented365 blog which can be found HERE.

Hope you are all well.



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