Thursday, 13 October 2011

Less is More – Week 36

Just a quick post from me as I’m off out to the hairdressers. I’m a bit sad as this will be my last visit to this hairdresser. At the moment I have the most fabulous hairdresser in the world and once we move I’m really going to miss having him do my hair. I don’t know about you but it takes me ages to find a hairdresser I like, we’ve lived in Swindon for 7 years now and it took me 5 to find my current one (can anyone from Romsey/Southampton area recommend a good one??).

Anyhoo, having said it will be a quick post I’m yet again waffling. This week LIM is all about the hearts.  Here’s my card.


I thought it needed a sentiment, how wrong was I and I ruined it…


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  1. I dont think you ruined it .. i like both versions
    I know what you mean about hairdressers.. mine moved to Canada and it took me about 6 yrs to find a good one again
    Lisa x

  2. Hi Lisa - I like both versions, but I do think the sentiment "finishes" it, and I love the way you have stamped one of the words onto the solid pink heart - very clever!
    I know what you mean about finding a hairdresser you like - it's not easy is it. Good luck in your new home, and I hope you find a great hairdresser!
    Sylvia x

  3. Really pretty card Lisa, the two tone pink hearts are so eye-catching :) Sentiment looks good there too :)
    Jenny x

  4. Hi Lisa,
    My hairdresser is in Swanwick near Moody's boatyard on the Hamble river... probably a little too far from Romsey... shame.
    Your card is super, I must admit that I prefer the one without the sentiment, but that's purely my opinion!
    Both look great.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  5. I don;t think it;s ruined at all Id have maybe don e it in black, for a more dramatic effect
    FAB hearts.
    Thank you
    Mandi LIM


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