Sunday, 12 February 2012

One Layer Stripes

The challenge Chrissie and Mandi have set us this week at LIM is One Layer Stripes. Unusual for me as I have managed to make a card already and not at the last minute like I normally do.

The stripes had the grey cells a bit stumped to start with but then I remembered a Hero Arts Set of Ribbon stamps I was given ages ago as Birthday Present. They are Wood Mounted and hidden away in a box so I tend to forget about them.

This was the first card I made. I started by stamping the sentiment and the flower image. Then I masked the circle and stamped the stripes. The mask was a bit thick so the edges of the stamping weren’t defined enough, so I added the faux stitching in black to match the sentiment but have decided both were to harsh in colour and I should have used a lighter brown colour. Me no like this card…


This is the second attempt and although better than the first I’m still not happy with it. I masked the square and stamped the stripes. Again the mask was a bit thick, so I added the stitching which on it’s own looked odd but looked better when I added the second row. I then over stamped circle sentiment and embossed in white. It looked too busy with the stripes showing through so I coloured it black to match the faux stitching and it shows off the detail on the white embossing much better, but I’m still not liking it…


So not happy with either card I had a another rummage in my bag of die offcuts that I keep for using as masks and I found a circle of corrugated card that I die cut and then never used. I have used corrugated card to stamp lines before but I had the idea to mask, ink and cover a circle with EP and use the corrugated circle inked with VersaMark to remove the EP. I then heated the remaining EP and it has left a lovely stripy effect that I’ve enhanced by rubbing a little Distress Ink Walnut Stain over the top.


On top of this I stamped the Flower Flourish (Kanban) and sentiment (Kaisercraft) in Brilliance Graphite Black, heat setting to dry the ink on top of the Embossed panel. A few gems added and probably one of my favourite one layer cards I’ve ever made.

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  1. It looks as though the grey cells have been working overtime here Lisa... these are super.. I love how you are being critical with yourself and sharing your thoughts with us... I think this is really helpful for a lot of crafters reading this.
    All these are super but the last one is something else! Really worth the effort!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. Lisa, I loooove the last card. The colours are stunning. I think Chrissie has already said what I was going to say, but I would just say that you are too critical of your lovely work.
    Love Sheila x

  3. Great cards, I think the blue one is my favourite
    Beryl x

  4. Great post Lisa
    All three are FAB, I too love the last one
    Thank you so much
    "Less is More"

  5. I think you are too harsh on yourself but I have to agree that the last one is just super duper


  6. Three really great crads but have to admit love the second one so striking x

  7. Great idea to use the ribbon stamp to make stripes and I think you're being over-critical of yourself, they look fine! The corrugated card idea was inspired though and looks fab!

  8. Lovely cards but i must admit to be drawn to the last one, such a super swirl. x

  9. Your cards are lovely...each one so different, but pretty! Think I favor the third one most, the flourish and it's dark color against the blue and kraft..striking:)!!


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