Friday, 10 June 2011

Behind the Times!

As the title suggests I may be a little bit behind the times here but I have just downloaded Windows Live Writer and after a little play I am very impressed.

I’ve been having quite a few editing problems with blogger lately and posting a card seems to take me longer than actually making it, this always puts me in a mood as I would much rather spend the time crafting.  I think Live Writer is going to help enormously. It has some nifty things for saving links to use again and the bit I like most is it downloads your blog theme so you can see what your post looks like as you type without having to go in and out of the post preview.

Sorry if I’m preaching to the converted, but if you don't use it already give it a try. And lastly I would like to thank the person who mentioned using Windows Live Writer in one of their posts….but me being be I’ve forgotten who’s blog I read it in, so thank you whoever you were!

Lunch over now back to the housework.

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